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Speaking of Fallout...

Fallout: Nuka Break started as a fan film that then launched a 6-episode web series. It has terrific production values and great call-backs to the Fallout and Wasteland games.

The series is a big bag of fun. It's about a former Vault 10 Dweller, a former slave, and a not-so-former ghoul who wander the wasteland (ha ha!) of the world of Fallout looking for adventure. Well, actually, they're looking for Nuka-Cola; adventure just comes with the territory.

The series creators are hoping to fund a second season through a Kickstarter campaign. So if you dig Season 1 and want to see more, you might want to toss a couple of bottle caps their way. [Update: They have reached their funding goals, so Season 2 is official a go.]

So grab a cold bottle of your favorite Dazzling Blue beverage, and enjoy a Nuka Break.